Problem Solving Skills Training


Generally speaking, it’s important to develop your problem-solving skillset. In general, everybody should develop and work on improving their problem-solving skills irrespective of age. Problems can occur at any time and come in any form and can cause serious problems in our personal or working life environment. A good problem-solving mind skillset can make a huge difference in your career as well as in your day-to-day personal life. The questions one should ask oneself usually are:



  • How do I know that I have the necessary problem-solving skillset?
  • What sort of exercises are required to develop my problem-solving skills?
  • How to define a type of problem?
  • How to structure a problem and use available resources to solve it?
  • What is the best way of implementing a possible solution?

We have developed a set of exercises that can help our clients to develop their problem-solving skills. These exercises can help them to enhance their ability to plan, take risks, learn from trial and error, check and evaluate solutions and think logically. These include word problems, practical tasks, open-ended investigation, puzzles, games, and mathematical trials. We follow unique problem-solving strategies to analyse the problems and crack their solutions. For example: constructing a model, drawing a diagram to illustrate a problem, and making a chart or table of the information.

We offer problem-solving skills training to all clients whether you are a student, job-seeker, or professional. We charge €40 per hour for a one-on-one session. Please contact us for group discounts and unlock a whole new world of problem-solving.