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Learning a foreign language such as English, Spanish, Chinese or French not only plays a crucial role in building our personal or business relationship but it can also boost our brain power and sharpens skills on reading, negotiating, and problem-solving. Some of the key benefits of learning a foreign language are listed below:

  • It helps develop analytical skills
  • It enhances multi-tasking abilities
  • It strengthens memory
  • It broadens the mind
  • It expands career potentials
  • It expands business potentials
  • It builds self confidence
  • It results in self-discovery and self-realization
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Every language is a whole new structure of distinct rules, etymology and meaning. Learning a new language structure can be very challenging work not only for the tongue and language faculties, but especially for the brain. One you have developed this new language structure in your brain, it will help make you highly proficient in multi-tasking with minimal error when juggling various activities.

A study conducted in Spain showed that polyglots, or multilingual people, have alert and keen minds. They can easily spot anything that is irrelevant or deceptive. The study was conducted comparing multilingual and monolingual subjects; and the former notably had the edge. The discipline that they developed in studying an unknown subject has shaped them to become more perceptive. Thus, they learn to be critical-thinkers.

Speaking a popular foreign language can make a person more broad-minded and easily adaptable to living within other cultures. This can help a person to see things from a different perspective and can lead to self-discovery and self-realization. This can lead to a growth in openness and acceptance of different people when you are immersed in another culture. In addition, it can also help us express our ideas or feelings with other people in a more confident way. This can help to make it easier to deal with any kind of personal or business matter in a more effective way.


Currently, we are offering courses in SPANISH, ENGLISH, FRENCH, IRISH, and ITALIAN. We provide a native language teacher and offer tailor made group and one-to-one language lessons. To ensure the best quality service to our clients we allow a maximum of 6 students in a group tutorial.

Our programmes are designed to meet the learning needs of each student. Every student is different every student starts with a different level of competence in Language and has a differing target for achievement. We do NOT use generic, mass market course books, in fact we use the experience and knowledge of our experts to create personalised courses which specifically address the needs and level of the class.

Our courses are offered in three different levels which are:

Beginners (about 20 hours):

An introduction to the foreign language for those who have no previous knowledge of the language. We will work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, enabling you to use this foreign language independently in a wide range of day-to-day life situations such as going to a shop, booking a table at a restaurant, greetings etc.​

Intermediate (about 30 hours):

In this course, we will consolidate the knowledge of the foreign language you already have and we will focus on developing your listening and speaking skills.

Advance (about 50 hours):
This course is designed for students who can speak a particular foreign language but they want to become fluent in their writing and speaking ability. During this course, the student will gain the self-confidence required to reach native speaker status.

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