Academic Writing


We can help you learn how to write an essay, report, thesis, literature review, or research proposal. Our qualified tutors have extensive experience in academic writing and can guide you through the process of writing a winning report. We offer one-on-one sessions and you can pay as you learn. Our one-on-one sessions start at €40 per hour. Please contact us for group discounts.


Academic writing is a formal style that is used to write reports, essays, thesis, books, and research papers in journals.  It requires proper structuring of work, the use of correct wordings, and the presentation of accurate information in a meaningful manner. The information used in the writing should be properly sourced and the language used should be clear to assist readers in properly understanding the work done by the author (s).

Academic writing should not be confused with promotional writing such as blogs. Academic writing requires critical thinking and in-depth analysis of the work done by the author. For example, it must clearly define the problems addressed in the work and how the author (s) solved these problems using a particular methodology. The solution should be backed by experimental or theoretical data.

If you are writing a report and don’t know where to start and how to structure your report, then you can book a 15 mins discovery call (free) with us. This will help us understand your requirement.