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  • Employable Skill Training


    We offer pre/post employment training to our candidates at all levels starting from students of school/college/university up to the professionals working in the public or private sectors. The pre-employment training are useful for students and fresh graduates those are looking for a new career. On the other side, we offer our post employment training to all professionals looking for developing their interpersonal skill sets for promotions in their career. Our services are listed below:

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  • ICT Skill Development Training


    In this high-tech world, it is extremely valuable for students/job applicants to develop their computer skills to ensure a bright career ahead. Potential employers often prefer candidates with already developed computer skills and may even offer higher salary packages as a result. Now-a-days, almost every small/medium/large business requires computer technology to run and manage their productivity and growth. A person with a basic knowledge of computers and the internet can easily connect with the world and can take a range of courses including job skills training, leadership training, safety training and a range of many different courses all on their computer.

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  • Learn Foreign Language


    Learning a foreign language such as English, Spanish, Chinese or French not only plays a crucial role in building our personal or business relationship but it can also boost our brain power and sharpens skills on reading, negotiating, and problem-solving. Some of the key benefits of learning a foreign language are listed below:

    • It helps develop analytical skills
    • It enhances multi-tasking abilities
    • It strengthens memory
    • It broadens the mind
    • It expands career potentials
    • It expands business potentials
    • It builds self confidence
    • It results in self-discovery and self-realization
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