Students in traditional classrooms are typically knowledge rich but skills poor particularly concerning analytical skills. Origin Tutors has a focus on real-life situations and equipping students associated with skills limited to many aspects of participation in today’s society. This can take the form in transitioning from fifth year to leaving certificate year, life after third level education or a career move for example. Making poor career decisions can result in an economic loss but even more importantly a loss in precious time that could have otherwise been maximized complimenting your passion and skills. Moreover, wandering down the wrong path can be a hindrance to your confidence and self-esteem.

Origin Tutors offer Mind Booster Training (MBT) which enriches the development of interpersonal skills for decision making at crucial stages of our lives. This programme can be completely tailored to you; this is why this whole area is so special.

These tutoring sessions have many aspects such as acting as an indicator for behavioural preferences and steering your interests in the right direction. It is not a question of a career guidance professional providing you with an answer in black and white. It is rather equipping you with the appropriate tools in the correct gear. One key focus is on analytical thinking and decision making.

When I previously worked in recruitment, I experienced candidates struggling as they were not in the right place at the right time. One example was an engineering graduate with three years’ experience promoted to manager and suffering from high stress levels. This candidate explained he was shy and lacked confidence from an early age, something which he has been burdened with his whole life. Due to this he placed a strong focus on the academic side of his life, neglecting the social aspect, strong bonds whether it was friendship or romance. The map he has paved out has got him up the ladder to a managerial position but a lot of things weren’t considered here. Progression should not just equate to people management if someone is more competent for example technically opposed to having the required people skills. Does three years of experience amount to promotion to the manager? Is being a manager the only form of progressive? No, of course not, there are many paths e.g. becoming a specialist, transferring to other departments etc.
Not being the ‘perfect fit’ is not only detrimental to you but also the company you’re working for 80% of staff turnover is due to this fact which is phenomenal. The services we can provide can be crucial in early and effective decision making in your organization.

Speaking about external factors, parents can play a huge factor in younger students’ decisions. It is important not to follow in some instances the ‘mom knows best’ rule in some instances as this may not apply no matter how much you know your child. A student’s decision should not be ‘pre-decided, a typical example is a parent who is a doctor hence the child will also study medicine and became a practitioner following in their footsteps. In some instances of course, the positive aspects of a parents’ profession in the home can be inspiring and lead to such a decision be it right or wrong for the individual.

Allow yourself to develop and equip yourself with the technique, skill and drive to successfully live your life to the fullest, contact us and we can talk you through creating a personalized programme for you. Origin Tutors believe MBT can be applied in the lives of Irish students as a discovery mechanism about their mind and nailing decisions. To reinforce this personal discovery, we can help you continue your journey, fuelling the implementation of this knowledge regarding your preferences and competencies through mind booster training.

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