Keeping the kids busy this summer?

So the year has flown in and we see ourselves at the end of another academic year and a long summer ahead for students. It can be seen of course as a well-deserved break especially after end of term exams but the summer is also quite a lengthy time. Wouldn’t anyone get bored at home after a few days? It’s the perfect opportunity to keep these brilliant minds active in some very innovative ways. These ways being outside the typical classroom, which they have been restricted to during the year.
Origin tutors have courses with a focus on personality development, critical thinking, mind booster training, ICT skills, mindfulness and also private tutoring for students’ feeling the need to get up to speed on last year’s work or a head start for the academic year of 2018/2019.

We have 20 tutors expert in their niche something that our students really appreciate. Origin Tutors are supported by Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Office Fingal, Irish Vetting Services and RIKON. We are unique in that we follow a procedure oriented approach which is very uncommon in both the tutoring business and education institutes in Ireland.

Experts speak about some fundamental gaps in our education systems, the lack of a focus on life skills. We live in a knowledge driven world which needs more focus on essential skills. Critical thinking and problem solving are so vitally important in all life decisions and if we look at it from a professional perspective there’s growing competition, emerging markets to improve products, processes, services and ourselves. Why not set up some small experiments at home, getting learners to construct structures from recyclable materials, thinking outside the box or our mind booster training which also incorporates the development of other skills. Our mind booster training uses novel scientific methods to develop critical thinking amongst students, the bridge that needs to be crossed between academia and the real world and industry.
Creating activities in the home can be very stimulating especially if you can invite some friends. It can be even more interesting for the learner to be in another setting and with other learners enhancing their collaborative and team work skills. This year I was teaching a group of Portuguese 10 year olds English and I was very surprised with how reluctant some students were to participate in pair work and group work and was delighted to see their development regarding this aspect over the course of the classes. No matter what path we take in life, our interaction and communication with one another is always important.
That’s why we provide oral and written communication workshops which can benefit learners in all walks of life; getting up on stage in a musical or giving that sales presentation. It’s as much about confidence and skills over the content. Living in an ever-changing world, exposing your young learners at home to different experiences and environments sparks their curiosity, imagination and shapes them as flexible and interesting individuals whether it’s going to a museum, a nature walk in this lovely weather or our mindfulness activities at Origin Tutors.
As a kid growing up, I was exposed to my parents’ garden centre, went to French college, a science camp, even art camp which I wasn’t fantastic at and I feel these experiences broaden your perspective and you take them with you through life.
On a final note, Origin Tutors is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website with some exciting features which will assist with such summer incentives. Our website is mobile and tablet friendly, maybe you’re even reading this from your own devices! We have a live chat option to assist with any queries you have. We have multilingual options and lots of social media interaction. An exciting advancement is our online Learning Management System managing courses, educators and providing process and performance reports over the course. It consists of a personalised dashboard created by both educators and the students with many collaborative tools and activities, a calendar and other management tools for files and tracking our students’ progress for effective communication between tutors, parents and students. We also offer free corporate level learning, mobile learning, live classes and recorded sessions.
So no better time to start off this summer with some fun educational activities! We wish you all a lovely summer and we hope to see you around before the next academic year kicks in in September! Feel free to get in contact and we can discuss what tailored programmes we can provide for your younger learners! We have more than 150 registered students, a broad spectrum of learners from primary school, secondary education, universities as well as graduates. We’d be delighted for you to join our community.

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